The Rising Jaguar (ライジングジャガー Raijingu Jagaa?) is one of Adon's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

All appearances Arcade Stick S + Arcade Button Kick



Adon's Rising Jaguar hits Ryu in Super Street Fighter IV.

Executed by performing a Shoryuken motion? and pressing kick, Adon leaps forward and launches a thrusting knee attack.
Rising Jaguar

The move used against Sagat in the same game.

The direction and angle of Adon's jump are determined by the kick button pressed: light kick version has only one knee thrust (two in Street Fighter Alpha 3), is fairly horizontal and can hit a standing opponent half a screen away; medium kick version has two thrusts and is angled at roughly 45 degrees; and heavy kick version also has two thrusts and performs a mostly vertical jump with the greatest height. The EX Special version introduced in Super Street Fighter IV hits twice at the second knee thrust, scoring up to three hits. It combines light kick version's distance and startup speed, medium kick version's angle and heavy kick version's height.


Besides its obvious anti-air nature, this move is also great to end combos, and if dash-cancelled before Adon jumps, it allows him a multitude of powerful combos.


  • The Rising Jaguar is most likely Adon's version of his master's Tiger Knee.
  • The Rising Jaguar (like the Tiger Knee), is based on the real Muay Thai flying knee.
    • However, unlike Sagat who uses the straight version of the flying knee, Adon uses the shuffle version of the flying knee which is meant to strike the head.




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