The Road of the Sun is a Unique Attack used by Necalli. The move made its debut, along with Necalli in Street Fighter V.

Appearance Function Character Input

Street Fighter V

Unique Attack Necalli Arcade Modifier Air (forward) Arcade-Stick-Down + Arcade-Button-HKick


Necalli jumps, landing in a diagonal-fall with a strong kick that inflicts decent damage with the digits and the heel of one of his feet; if successful, he can follow up with any other light or medium attack, making this a good combo starter.


As a standard divekick, its applications are similar to the Tenmakujinkyaku i.e. to bait anti-air moves by suddenly altering the tragectory of Necalli's jump, to potentially cross-up and as a combo starter. From all the Tenmakujinkyaku practitioners, Necalli's divekick has greatest similiarities with Evil Ryu's version. A notable weakness is the height restriction; since it must be used at the apex of a forward jump, it is often very difficult to use it consistently, especially if the move hits too early at a high height (making it punishable).



Keeping in line with Necalli's Aztec themed moveset, this move directly references the rising and setting of the Sun. The Sun played an important part in the Aztec culture, being worshipped as the god Huitzilopochtli.

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