Rose's Time Freeze is a glitch found in the SNES version of Street Fighter Alpha 2. As the name suggests, it involves Rose, and when used correctly, it can literally freeze time in the game.


If Rose throws a projectile (i.e. Soul Spark) and uses Aura Soul Spark just as the projectile hits the foe, nothing will come out, the screen will remain tinted black, and the foe will be frozen completely. Rose can attack the frozen foe freely; using a different Super Combo will end the time freeze.

Note that while the foe is frozen, the game may glitch up at times, and some attacks by Rose may miss completely.


  • The tinted black screen and stillness coincidentally resembles the scene from Mortal Kombat's fatalities.


Street Fighter Alpha 2 glitch02:59

Street Fighter Alpha 2 glitch

Steps to performing Rose's Time Freeze.

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