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Roxy (ロキシー Rokishī?) is a character from the Final Fight series. She is a palette-swap of Poison except with reddish-orange hair instead of pink and lower health. She was replaced by a male character known as Sid in the original American localisation.


Along with her partner Poison, Roxy is a female member of the Mad Gear Gang. Unlike Poison, who has made several appearences since her debut, Roxy only appears in the unaltered versions of the original Final Fight. Whereas as Poison's background as a transexual is left ambigious, Roxy on the other hand is considered cisgender.

According to the Capcom Classics Collection bio, Roxy was from the same orphanage that Poison grew up at and whom she looked up to. Also, like many Final Fight enemy characters whose name pays homage to something or someone related to music, Roxy is named after the English band Roxy Music.



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