The Ruffian Kick (ラフィアンキック Rafian Kikku?) is one of Cody's special attacks, introduced along with him in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Kick



Cody's EX Ruffian Kick passes through Ryu's Hadoken in Super Street Fighter IV.

Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing kick, Cody steps forward and performs a sliding kick.

The height and kind of the kick are determined by the kick button pressed: the light kick version results in a low-hitting "stomp" kick; the medium kick version is a mid-hitting side kick; and the heavy kick version is a high kick which works as an anti-air move with good timing. This move has Armor Break properties.

The EX Special introduced in Super Street Fighter IV is a nearly instantaneous light kick version which travels longer forwards and also passes through projectiles.


The light (low hit) and medium kick (normal hit) versions can be used to keep the opponent guessing if used well; the heavy kick version can be used as anti-air and can also be used to combo into Dead End Irony.





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