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The Ryusenkyaku (龍閃脚 Ryuusenkyaku?, "Dragon Flash Leg") is one of Ken's special attacks, exclusive to the Capcom vs. SNK series.

All appearances Arcade Stick RS + Arcade Button Kick


Ken Ryusenkyaku

Ken using the Ryusenkyaku on Akuma.

Executed by performing a reverse Shoryuken motion? and pressing kick, Ken performs a wheel kick at the opponent as he lands on his back.

The height of the kick is determined by the kick button pressed; the light kick hits faster, especially when up close, while the heavy kick covers more range.


The move is safe on block, unless blocked in midair. An opponent cannot safe fall after being knocked down by this move, which allows Ken to be ready to apply okizeme (wakeup offense) pressure whenever it connects.


Similar MovesEdit

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