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SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos
SNK vs. Capcom Chaos cover
Developer(s) Playmore
Publisher(s) Playmore
Platform(s) Arcade (Neo-Geo MVS), PlayStation 2, Xbox
Release date July 24, 2003 (Arcade)
November 13, 2003 (Neo Geo)
December 25, 2003 (PlayStation 2)
October 7, 2004 (Xbox)
Genre(s) Crossover / Fighting game
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: T
Input methods 8-way joystick, 4 buttons
Cabinet Upright
Arcade system Neo-Geo (708 Mbit cartridge)
Display Raster, 304 x 224 pixels (horizontal), 4096 colors

SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos (エス・エヌ・ケイ バーサス カプコン エスブイシー カオス Esu Enu Kei Bāsasu Kapukon Esbuishī Kaosu?) is a fighting game developed by SNK. It was released two years after Capcom released Capcom vs. SNK 2 but has many differences regarding the game's system.

In Japan and Europe, the game was ported for both the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. In North America, however, it was released for the Xbox exclusively, due to Sony Computer Entertainment game approval policy.

Gameplay Edit

SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos primarily utilizes the command system of The King of Fighters series, incorporating light/strong kicks, punches, cancels, and charging attacks. Unlike its predecessor, Capcom vs. SNK 2, SVC Chaos features no air guards and has no "groove system", instead focusing on quicker gameplay. Characters are provided with a 3 bar system for executing special attacks on varying levels with filling options attributed to strikes and damage. Additionally, the sprites from the various series received new models and some special effects were changed in command lists.


There are 18 SNK characters and 18 Capcom characters, for a total of 36 playable characters.


Sprite Character Origin
Kyo2003.gif Kyo Kusanagi The King of Fighters '94
Choicvs2.gif Choi Bounge The King of Fighters '94
Iori2001.gif Iori Yagami The King of Fighters '95
Terrysvc.gif Terry Bogard Fatal Fury: King of Fighters
Mai-sprite1.gif Mai Shiranui Fatal Fury 2
Kimkaphwan2002.gif Kim Kaphwan Fatal Fury 2
Ryo2002.gif Ryo Sakazaki Art of Fighting
Mrkaratesvc.gif Mr. Karate Art of Fighting
Kasumi99.gif Kasumi Todoh Art of Fighting 3
Earthquake-sprite2.gif Earthquake Samurai Shodown
Genjurosvc.gif Genjuro Kibagami Samurai Shodown II
Shikisvc.gif Shiki Samurai Shodown 64


Sprite Character Origin
Ryu-snk-stand Ryu Street Fighter
Ken-snk-stand Ken Masters Street Fighter
Sagat-snk-stand Sagat Street Fighter
Dhalsim-snk-stand Dhalsim Street Fighter II
Bison-snk-stand M. Bison
Street Fighter II
Chun-snk-stand Chun-Li Street Fighter II
Guile-snk-stand Guile Street Fighter II
Vega-snk-stand Vega
Street Fighter II
Balrog-snk-stand Balrog
(M. Bison)
Street Fighter II
Akuma-snk-stand Akuma
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Hugo-snk-stand Hugo Andore Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact
(original version from Final Fight)
Tessa Tessa
Red Earth

Mid-boss CharactersEdit


Sprite Character Origin
Goenitz96.gif Leopold Goenitz The King of Fighters '96
Geesesvc.gif Geese Howard Fatal Fury: King of Fighters
Marspeoplesvc.gif Mars People Metal Slug 2


Sprite Character Origin
DanCHAOS Dan Hibiki Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams
0.gif Zero Mega Man Zero
(original version from Mega Man X)
Demitri Demitri Maximoff Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors

Boss charactersEdit


Sprite Character Origin
Wildioricvs.gif Orochi Iori The King of Fighters '97
Mrkaratehonkisvc.gif Serious Mr. Karate (original character)


Sprite Character Origin
Kenv-snk-stand Violent Ken (original character)
Shinakuma-svc-stance Shin Akuma
(Shin Gouki)
Street Fighter Alpha 2

Secret boss characterEdit


Sprite Character Origin
Athenasvc.gif Athena Athena


Sprite Character Origin
Fire-Arremer Red Arremer Ghosts 'n Goblins


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  • If the player does not reach either one of the two secret bosses, a text scroll ending states that the player character was never seen again.
  • Shin Akuma, Serious Mr. Karate, and the two secret bosses can perform an unlimited amount of super combos provided that they have at least one bar of meter available.


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