Sen'enshu (旋円蹴 Sen'enshuu?, Spinning Circle Kick) is a move Chun-Li has in the Street Fighter Alpha games. It is available only in the Z-ISM and V-ISM modes.
Street Fighter V

Arcade Stick DR+Arcade-Button-MKick

Description Edit

Chun-Li flips into a head stand while spinning her legs like helicopter blades, then slams her legs down in front of her, dealing a good amount a damage. The move could primarily be used as an anti-air, or as just straight up damage. Later in the series, this move turned into the Hazanshu, which is an improved version, starting in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. In the EX series, it was replaced with Hienshu, while the move itself now a Guard Break/Surprise Blow.

It later returns as an unique move for Chun-Li in Street Fighter V, and can be linked into a combo in V-Trigger. Executed by pressing down-forward and Medium Kick


As an overhead attack, the main purpose is to break through the defenses of an opponent who insists on crouch guarding (as the attack must be blocked from a standing position). The draw back causes considerable delay, and this attack can easily be countered by an aggressive opponent by hitting Chun-Li before she throws it.

On the plus side, this move is fairly safe, even if the opponent blocks it. If Chun-Li sucessfully hits the opponent, she can link the overhead into a combo for a good amount of damage.


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