Not to be confused with the character Shadow.

Shadowgeist (シャドウガイスト Shadougaisuto?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter EX series, first appearing in Street Fighter EX2 as a hidden fighter. He is a merciless, cyber-enhanced vigilante seeking to bring down his country's totalitarian government.



Like Skullomania, Shadowgeist wears a white and black full body suit with sun designs on the center and the buckle of his belt. He wears a matching v-belt and orange boots. He also wears light orange gloves, a long red cape and a full faced skeletal mask to conceal his face with a single gold blade on the front.

In his Shadaloo C.R.I. profile art, Shadowgeist's appearance remains largely the same, only both his gloves and boots are yellow.

In Fighting EX Layer, the sun designs on his suit and belt are turquoise and glows in white and neon green. His belt is larger and no longer being in v-shaped, both his gloves and boots are bulkier and segmented, and the color is black and white to match the suit.



Shadowgeist was once a normal man. Living under a harsh dictatorship, his wife was murdered by the government and his daughter subsequently went missing. Burning with contempt, he enhances his body with cybernetic parts, becoming a violent vigilante and taking the name Shadowgeist. He fights against the dictatorship of his country in order to protect the people from becoming victims like his family had.

He encounters Skullomania, who he believes to be a super villain.

Fighting EX LayerEdit

Fighting-EX-Layer-PVs-Init 02-27-18

Shadowgeist in Fighting EX Layer

Shadowgeist appears as one of the playable characters in Fighting EX Layer.

Despite his birthplace in an unknown origin in the Street Fighter EX series, Shadowgeist's birthplace is in the United States of America. When he finds out his daughter is alive and well, Shadowgeist continues his life of crime fighting by joining the governed Secret Service in America, in exchange to keep his daughter safe and was given a mission by them to eradicate an unknown outbreak of Minus Energy.

Stage ThemesEdit


  • While keeping Skullomania's homage to the Kamen Rider franchise, Shadowgeist seems to be based on a combination of both an antagonist and a deuteragonist from various series of the franchise itself, particularly Shadow Moon from Kamen Rider Black and Apollo Geist from Kamen Rider X, and seems like a visual combination of both as well.
    • He may also be a reference to Kamen Rider V3 as an inversion of the titular V3 and his enemy and partner Riderman. Like Riderman to V3, Shadowgeist is crueler than Skullomania, but while Shadowgeist is a cyborg like V3, Skullomania is a regular human like Riderman is.

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