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The Shikusen (疾空閃 Shikkuusen?, "Flash of Suffering") is one of Juri's special attacks.

All appearances Arcade Modifier Air Arcade Stick QCB + Arcade Button Kick (Arcade Button Kick twice for followup)



Light kick version


Medium kick version


Heavy kick version

Executed by pressing a quarter-circle backward motion and kick in mid-air, Juri suddenly swoops down towards the opponent foot-first. How far forward the she travels is determined by the kick button pressed. If she finds her opponent, she can opt to follow up with two more kicks (the first is called the "2nd Impact") by pressing kick again, and if kick is pressed one more time, she will finish with a final kick called the "Third Strike" which sends the foe flying away.

The EX Special version, if followed through to the Third Strike, will hit the foe so hard that they bounce off the edge of the screen, setting them up for juggles. This is a popular way to set up her Kaisen Dankairaku.

This attack was modified in Ultra Street Fighter IV. The normal version can now only be performed if jumping forward (similar to Cammy's Cannon Strike) and the EX version is no longer automatically follows through to the Third Strike kick (the player must manually enter the rest of the string). Like the Cannon Strike, the EX version can still be performed while jumping backwards.



thumb|center|500px|Using Shikusen in battle.

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