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The Short Swing Blow (ショートスイングブロー Shooto Suingu Buroo?) is one of Dudley's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III series.

All appearances Arcade Stick HCB + Arcade Button Kick



Short Swing Blow in the Street Fighter IV series.

Executed by performing a half-circle backward motion and pressing kick, Dudley suddenly draws back, and just as suddenly steps forward again with an uppercut.

The speed of execution, amount of net forward distance, and damage inflicted are determined by the kick button pressed. Light kick moves forward the least and does the least damage, but executes the quickest. Heavy kick moves forward the most, does the most damage, and executes the slowest. Medium kick is somewhere between the two.

The EX Special moves as fast as the light kick version, does as much damage as the heavy kick version, and travels the entire screen. This version also throws three punches instead of one: an uppercut, a hook and a straight.


The attack is generally useful for baiting an attack and punishing it immediately.



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