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"Shoryu-reppa is the ultimate combination move!"
Ken in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact
"Here I go! Shoryureppa! (行くぜ! 昇龍裂破! Ikuze! Shouryuureppa!?)"

The Shoryureppa (昇龍裂破 Shouryuu Reppa?, "Rising Dragon Rending Blast"), also referred to as the Shadow Dragon by the manual for Super Street Fighter II Turbo (its debut), is one of Ken's special attacks, which frequently appears as a Super Combo.

In Street Fighter V, the Shoryureppa serves as Ken's EX Shoryuken while the Guren Enjinkyaku is his Critical Art.

Ken 370


Ken performs a series of multi-hitting Shoryukens that sometimes light the opponent on fire.


In all games, the move generally works well as a combo ender. However, it has a long recovery time as a result of the fierce Shoryuken at the end, and is easily punished if whiffed or blocked.



Th Ken-mini-superdragonKen-gem-super2Ryuken-puzKenShoryureppa




Street Fighter 4 Ken - Super Shoryureppa00:23

Street Fighter 4 Ken - Super Shoryureppa

Shoryureppa in SSFIV (English voices).

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