The Shouoken (咲桜拳 Shōōken?, "Blooming Cherry Fist") also written as Shou'ouken, is one of Sakura's special attacks, and one of the many moves she developed by imitating Ryu. It was introduced along with Sakura in the Street Fighter Alpha series. It is also used by her "Dark Sakura" form.

All appearances Arcade Stick S + Arcade Button Punch


Executed the same as the original move, Sakura/Dark Sakura runs at her opponent and performs a jumping uppercut. The distance, hits and height are deteremined by the punch button used.

Light punch has the least in each category (with two hits), appearing similar to a delayed Shoryuken; heavy punch has the most of each category, with six hits maximum (most of which come from the run); and medium punch is in the middle with 4 hits. The EX version has 8 hits.

In the Marvel crossovers, an energy wave covers in front of Sakura as she dashes forward, which can negate projectiles. If does not connect with the charge, then she'll skid to a halt. Connecting with the charge will make her perform the usual multi-hitting uppercut.

In Pocket Fighter, Sakura performs the move using an umbrella instead (shown below).


Unlike the Shoryuken, Shououken is not an ideal anti-air, due to the general lack of height. However, it is still useful in combos.

In Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001, repeated Shououkens are a common tactic when using Sakura with A-Groove.

In the Street Fighter IV series, Sakura uses the Midare Zakura as an EX Shouoken. It gives Sakura a lot of invincibility during the attack, making it safe on block and providing an opportunity to Dash Cancel away from the opponent.[1]

Sakura can cancel Shouken with a Super Combo, Haru Ichiban. Shouoken can also be used after a EX Shunpukyaku or before her Ultra Combo II, Shinku Tengyo Hadoken.





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