"Now I'm going to have my fun with this! (Hums gleefully) Let's do it again!"
Skip To My Chain

The Skip To My Chain (バッド・スキップ・チェーン Baddo Sukippu Cheen?) is Birdie's Critical Art in Street Fighter V. It combines aspects of multiple attacks, including the Bull Horn, Bull Head, and the Bandit Chain.


Birdie strikes the opponent with a headbutt which sends them reeling backwards, whereupon Birdie wraps them in his chains. Pulling them towards him, Birdie "jump ropes" with the opponent twice whilst gleefully humming a tune before slamming them headfirst into the ground. If "Skip To My Chain" K.O.s an opponent, it will leave them buried in the ground during the interim between rounds.


"Skip To My Chain" is a highly versatile move. It is fast, far reaching, and highly damaging and so can be used to deliver a devastating long range punish. it can also be combo-ed into from Bull Head for a high damaging confirm combo.[1]