The Skull Cross Gang (スカルクロス Sukarukurosu?) is a street-gang in Metro City, similar to the now-disbanded Mad Gear Gang, who made their first and only appearance in Final Fight 3 as the game's antagonists. Much unlike Metro's former terror of Mad Gear, a gang of miscreants and self held bad dudes with a late 1980s flair for easy money, Skull Cross is a more violent and renegade thug filled gang reflective of the early 90s, whose penchant for civil disturbance and unrest looms over changing times and social rebellion.



The Skull Cross Gang was a subordinate of the Mad Gear Gang.[1] After Mad Gear's fall, an uprising of vandalism, terrorism and death has spawned out of its remains, and the small Skull Cross quickly won the fight against Metro City's other gangs and expanded, eventually making their move to seize control of the city.[2] The Skull Cross Gang is led by Marshal Black.

Final Fight 3Edit

When the Skull Cross Gang detonated a bomb at a police station in Metro City, Detective Lucia of the Special Crimes Unit rushed to get Mike Haggar to help investigate it. Guy also agreed to assist his old friend. The Skull Cross Gang tried to recruit a man named Dean, but when he refused to join them, they retaliated by murdering his family. As a result, Dean swore a vendetta against the gang.

Haggar, Guy, Lucia, and Dean headed to the police station to find it reduced to rubble. They fought some of the gang members there, eventually meeting Dave, a corrupt police officer. They defeated him and moved on as the Skull Cross Gang started riots throughout the city, using the chaos as a smokescreen to free their leader, Marshal Black. The heroes then headed to a bar to stop the Skull Cross Gang, where they were attacked by Callman. After defeating him, they pursued the gang to the trainyard and fought Caine, the gang's mechanic. Next, they boarded a ship called the Sims and defeated the gang members and Drake, the ship's captain. When they reached the dock, a gang member named Bull tried to push them into the water with a bulldozer, but they were saved at the last second.

After going through a Chinese restaurant - which was owned by Wong, a huge Chinese-American chef who also smuggled food and resources for the Skull Cross Gang - the heroes' next stop was a factory, where the gang was presumably manufacturing weapons they could use to take over the city. They were attacked by several gang members and Stray, the murderer of Dean's family, but Dean killed Stray and avenged them. The Skull Cross Gang then led the heroes to one of the tallest buildings in Metro City, which served as their headquarters. They fought their way past legions of thugs to reach the roof of the building, where a helicopter landed and Marshal Black himself jumped out to fight them. After a long and difficult battle, Guy defeated Black by knocking him into a high-voltage transformer, electrocuting him to death and ending the Skull Cross Gang's plans. Their headquarters exploded as the heroes fled, and the Skull Cross Gang has not been seen or heard from since (hinting that the gang may have been wiped out entirely).


Final Fight 3Edit


  • G / Johnny - the lowest-ranking member of the Skull Cross Gang. Not a big threat; attacks with an occasional punch or kick.
  • Billy / Ray - another low-ranking member of the Skull Cross Gang. Fights with a three-punch combo and likes attacking from the rear.
  • Dirk / Rick - a relatively weak thug who fights with metal claws. Will use a charging attack at a distance.
  • Arby / Fat Jack - a large, fat thug, much like Elick and Bill Bull. Attacks mostly with shoulder charges and occasional slaps.
  • Hunter - a tall thug who wears a hockey mask and a baseball cap. Has a punch and a sliding attack, and carries a baseball bat that can do severe damage.
  • Joe - a short, thin thug who wears a muzzle. Has a dodge roll and a grab and loves attacking from the rear.
  • Fritz - a thug who runs in and hurls stielhandgrenates, much like Holly Wood.
  • May - the only female thug. Fights with kicks and bladed bracers. Unlike Poison, Roxy, Mary, and Eliza, May doesn't have a named palette swap.
  • Andore - Andore returns yet again, serving as the Skull Cross Gang's powerhouse. This was the last gang he worked for before turning over a new leaf in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact and Ultra Street Fighter IV.


  • Dave - a corrupt cop who works for the Skull Cross Gang. Looks a little like Edi. E from Final Fight.
  • Callman - the head bouncer and owner of a club affiliated with the gang located on the backstreets of Metro City. Can also be encountered on the street.
  • Caine - an antisocial mechanic who works for the Skull Cross Gang. Slow and nearsighted (myopic), but has a long reach with his wrench.
  • Drake - a pirate who worked as a sailor before joining the Skull Cross Gang. Uses an anchor as a weapon.
  • Wong - a Chinese-American chef who rules over Chinatown's criminal underworld. Looks a little like Won Won from Final Fight 2.
  • Stray - a vicious fighter who awaits Haggar and his friends in the factory. Very agile and uses spiked knuckles. Responsible for murdering Dean's family.
  • Marshal Black - the militaristic leader of the Skull Cross Gang and the game's final boss. Fights with a riding crop, throws knives, and even fires a powerful short-ranged burst of blue flame akin to Guy's. Very similar to Rolento in both visual and fighting style.


  • May is the only female enemy in the Final Fight series who wasn't replaced by a male enemy in the international version of the game.
  • G is black in the Japanese version of the game and white in the international versions.
  • Billy shares his name with Poison's male replacement from the original Final Fight.
  • Andore is the only returning enemy character.