Skullomania (スカロマニア Sukaromania?), real name Saburo Nishikoyama (西小山 三郎 Nishikoyama Saburō?)[1], is a video game character from the Street Fighter EX series, first appearing in the original Street Fighter EX. He is a third-rate businessman who takes up a superhero identity by donning a full-body skeleton suit.



Skullomania's design was inspired by the Japanese superhero Kamen Rider created by manga author Shotaro Ishinomori, with extra elements drawn from the Skull Man, a character from a manga Ishinomori wrote in order to work out the concepts for Kamen Rider. Skullomania also draws from real-life luchador La Parka (also known as The Reaper/Death).


In Street Fighter EX, Skullomania's costume is simply a black body stocking with a skeleton motif printed on it. The Kamen Rider/"Skull Rider" image was enhanced in Street Fighter EX2, where Skullomania's costume gained a red scarf, gloves, and boots, as well as a belt almost identical to the Typhoon belt worn by Hayato Ichimonji, Kamen Rider #2. Both the belt and the forehead of Skullo's mask bear a stylized letter "S".

In his Street Fighter V's CFN profile, his gloves and boots are white, he no longer wears a belt and a gun holster on his right thigh and the "S" on his mask is orange instead of red.



Street Fighter EX seriesEdit

Street Fighter EXEdit

Skullomania was once an average salesman called Saburo Nishikoyama. His superiors were not pleased with his results as a salesman. Down on his luck and constantly under pressure for results, he was forced to act in a hero show held for the customers at the department store he worked at. During the performance, he felt an indescribable passion awaken within him, and decided to become a vigilante crime-fighter, swearing to protect the world from evil. As a result, he began to compete against the top-ranked martial artists in the world, fighting them on an even playing field.

Street Fighter EX endingEdit

I shall continue the fight as long as evil persists! Whether it'll be on this planet or in outer space. For I am a hero! But being a hero isn't easy! Now that evil has been defeated for today, I must leave! Huh, it seems I cannot go back home yet. For the sake of my beloved wife, my children, and my pet Pochiro-kun. To the Greengrocer! Super Skullocrusher!

Street Fighter EX Plus α endingEdit

"I am a Hero!" As soon as Mania's perverted shout echoes across the city, his neighbor's annoyed housewife rushes madly to the Nishikoyama residence. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TIME IT IS?" "PLEASE CUT IT OUT!" Ect. Despite this, the Nishikoyama family is a happy family.

Street Fighter EX2 Edit

In Skullomania's story mode in Street Fighter EX2, he sets out to defeat Garuda, whom he regards as a villain attempting to dominate the world. In his secret ending, Skullomania fights Shadowgeist, another vigilante with a different definition of justice. After defeating the vigilante, he exclaims; "I am Skullomania, the hero who fights for the sake of justice!!".

In Street Fighter EX2 Plus, it is revealed that Nishikoyama was promoted to the department manager at his job, but received a lot of criticism from his employees, who believe he was chosen to be a scapegoat. Whenever the stress of working gets too much for him to handle, he takes up the mantle of Skullomania and fights crime with an overwhelming sense of justice.

Street Fighter EX3 Edit

In Skullomania's Street Fighter EX3 ending, he manages to defeat Shadaloo, but realizes that there are still evil forces in the world. Skullomania decides that he must fight until the day that evil is completely eradicated from the world.

The final line of his ending spoofs typical superhero shows, giving a "preview" of a hypothetical episode of a show starring Skullomania, stating "Next week: Episode 25, "Friend or Foe? Enter the Skullolady!"".

Fighting EX LayerEdit

Skullomania appears as one of the playable characters in Fighitng EX Layer.

Other appearancesEdit

Skullomania also made an appearance in the PlayStation game, Fighter Maker, even with some of his special moves intact. The character is also used in Komodo Crunchtime, a 2012 shooting game from Rie Studios.

Cameo Edit

Skullomania made a very small cameo appearance in the Street Fighter Legends: Sakura comic.


Fighting styleEdit

Skullomania has an acrobatic fighting style.


His signature move is the Skullo Dream, an unblockable combo attack which is increasingly comedic in execution as the series progresses. From EX2 onwards, he can also use energy attacks.

Stage ThemesEdit


  • Skullomania shares his birthday with Hugo.
  • Skullomania states in his Street Fighter EX ending that he has a wife, children and a pet named Pochiro-kun.
  • The title background in his Street Fighter EX3 ending is based on the Choudenshi Bioman episode which is "Enter New Warrior, Jun".

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