Sky Counter Crash (スカイカウンタークラッシュ Sukai Kauntā Kurasshu) is one of Shadow Lady's special attacks, introduced in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. Shadow Lady's Sky Counter Crash is a version of Chun-Li's Hazanshu.

Description Edit

Executed by performing a half-circle rotation backwards and pressing kick, Shadow Lady somersaults forward with one of her legs outstretched, slamming it into the ground as she lands.

It is best used as a quick assault move or a countering move. The length of the move depends on the strength of the kick button pressed, with the weakest barely stretching in front of her (good for close-up attacks), and the strongest stretching just about half the stage.

This move is best used as a counter for projectiles when throw at mid to close range. However, it is extremely vulnerable to anti-air attacks and invincible counters, and so should not be used too predictably.

Sprites Edit

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