Skyscraper Under Construction is a stage introduced in Super Street Fighter IV. It is located in the United States, near Virginia and North Carolina.

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A construction site set in Metro City from Final Fight series, featuring cameos from Hugo and Mike Haggar, the latter in the form of a large statue that appears in the background.

The fight takes place on a platform. The boss of the construction[1] is making lunch in the same platform, but a few seconds after the fight starts, he realizes the platform was rised, getting scared and hanging on the cable to avoid falling while calling for help. The platform keeps swinging, giving a panoramic view of the background. Other workers watch the battle or continue working.


  • Since Hugo is a playable character in Ultra Street Fighter IV, choosing him while playing this stage will cause the character in the background to be a generic character of similar stature to Hugo.



Super Street Fighter IV - Skyscraper Under Construction Stage (North America)04:11

Super Street Fighter IV - Skyscraper Under Construction Stage (North America)


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