"Here I come! Sobat Carnival! (行くぜBaby! ソバットカーニバル! Ikuze Baby! Sobatto Kaanibaru!?)"
Dee Jay

The Sobat Carnival (ソバットカーニバル Sobatto Kaanibaru?) is one of Dee Jay's Super Combos, introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

All appearances Arcade Stick CBArcade Stick RightArcade Stick LR + Arcade Button Kick
Dee Jay 350



Sobat Carnival in Super Street Fighter IV.

Executed by charging backward then pressing forward, backward, forward and kick, Dee Jay performs a Double Rolling Sobat (Let's Carnival!" in Street Fighter Alpha 3), two flip kicks, a small Jackknife Maximum and a final flip kick while calling the Super Combo's name (in SSFIV only). The distance he travels is determined by the kick button used, but the difference between versions is negligible.




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