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The Sonic Move (ソニックムーブ Sonikku Muubu?) is Charlie's V-Trigger and V-Reversal in Street Fighter V. When used as a V-Trigger it allows him to move himself above, away or behind his opponent[1] at the cost of both bars of his V-Gauge. When used as a V-Reversal, it allows Charlie to teleport up to half a screen away behind his opponent and consumes one bar of V-Gauge.


Sonic Move is one of Charlie's primary mix-up and escape tools. By throwing a Sonic Boom and triggering Sonic Move, Charlie can create an ambiguous blocking scenario and easily cause his opponent to make a mistake. Sonic Move is also one of Charlie's best options to escape pressure, and the vertical teleport can be used to reverse the offensive momentum of a match. The move can also be used to extend combos by cancelling the recovery of certain moves.


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