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The Sonic Scythe (ソニックサイズ Sonikku Saizu?) is one of Charlie Nash's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Description Edit

The properties of the moves depend on the strength of the button used to execute it (with energy trailing Charlie's leg). Light and Medium Sonic Scythe have Charlie sweep his leg across the opponent's body, with light sweeping the knees and medium slashing the chest. Heavy features Charlie kicking upwards into the air with one leg arcing outward from front to back. EX Sonic Scythe features two heavy Sonic Scythes strung together.


Despite the visual similarities to Flash Kick, Sonic Scythe is a sub-par anti-air at best due to a total lack of invincibility on the Heavy version. Instead, the move is primarily used as a more damaging way to end combos, or as a raw punish. EX Sonic Scythe has invincibility beginning when Charlie becomes airborne, thus making it somewhat viable as an anti-air, although it begins to lose hits once the invincible period begins. Since it doesn't have any invincible frames, the Sonic Scythe is not subject to Crush Counter penalties if blocked; unlike other anti-air moves.


  • The heavy Sonic Scythe resembles the Genocide Cutter, an attack used by the villain Rugal Bernstein, a character from SNK Playmore's The King of Fighters series.
    • Additionally, it's possible that the Heavy version was the inspiration for Explosive Arc, an attack used by the character ARIA from Killer Instinct.


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