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Sou Hakkei (双発勁 Sou Hakkei?, "Twin Force Exert") is one of Chun-Li's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3. This attack appears as her V-Reversal in Street Fighter V.

All appearances Arcade Stick CB Arcade-Stick-Right + Arcade Button Punch


Executed by charging backward, then pressing forward and kick, Chun-Li performs a push in the opponent who pushes the bottom of the screen. This attack can only be used in X-ISM mode.

Tactics Edit

Sou Hakkei can be used to neutralize fireballs.

Etymology Edit

The original name of this term is known as "fajin" (発勁) in pinyin, a term used in Chinese martial arts that involves use of internal energies and explosive force. "Hakkei" is the term's on'yomi reading.

In this attack's case, the pinyin name of this technique would be "Shuang Fajin", with "Shuang" being written with 雙 instead of 双 in Traditional Chinese.

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