"Crush you!"

The Soul Offering (魂の献上 Tamashii no Kenjou?) is Necalli's Critical Art under the influence of his V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

Description Edit

Necalli lunges at the opponent and attempts to grab them by the face, whereupon he drags them to the stage wall, similar to the Ceremony of Honor. Once at the stage wall, Necalli strikes the opponent with a punch in the stomach, infusing them with dark energy.

Tactics Edit

The Soul Offering shares many properties with the Ceremony of Honor, and can be utilized in many of the same ways, e.g. by cancelling into it from the Valiant Rebellion or various normals. The Soul Offering also shares the projectile immunity and long travel distance of the Ceremony of Honor.

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The Soul Offering is another reference to the ancient Aztec cultural tradition of human sacrifice, in which souls were offered to the gods to grant them power, so that the end of the world might be postponed.[1].


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