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The Spinning Bird Kick, one of Chun-Li's signature special attacks, has been referenced several times in popular culture ever since its introduction in Street Fighter II.

Capcom Games Edit

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Other Games Edit

  • The Spinning Bird Kick is referenced in Saints Row IV by Female Voice 1 (provided by one of Chun-Li's voice actresses, Laura Bailey). Occasionally, when using a taunt, the character will shout "Spinning Bird Punch!".

Anime and MangaEdit

  • In the Bleach manga/anime series, the humorous Panty-Flash Tornado is most likely inspired by the Spinning Bird Kick.
  • In one episode of the TV version of Tenchi Muyo!, while the characters are talking, Ryoko and Ayeka are fighting each other in the background. At one point, Ayeka uses the Spinning Bird Kick against Ryoko.

Movies Edit

  • The Spinning Bird Kick is referenced in the opening of Shrek 2 in which Princess Fiona fights off a group of hunters who snared Shrek with a Spinning Bird Kick before performing a Shoryuken on one of the guards.


Web AnimationEdit

Music Edit

  • British rock band Arctic Monkeys released a song in 2007 titled "Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick."

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