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The Spinning Mixer (スピニング・ミキサー Supiningu Mikisaa?) is one of Rashid's special attacks introduced in Street Fighter V.

Description Edit

By doing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing the punch button, Rashid spins, wind covering his body, and hits the opponent. Mashing the selected punch button makes Rashid continue to spin. The light version sends him flying across the floor, the medium and EX version sends him flying in a diagonal forward motion, and the heavy sends Rashid flying straight up. Rashid can also perform a light Spinning Mixer by pressing the punch button during a dash.

Tactics Edit

The Spinning Mixer is seen as Rashid's primary combo ender, and the light version is known to be safe on block. Medium, EX, and heavy Spinning Mixer can be used as anti-air attacks, though the Whirlwind Shot is more used anti-air special. The EX version is often used as a reversal. The Dash Spinning Mixer is also good as a rush-in attack. However, it should be known that while the Spinning Mixer can do plenty of hits, it deals lower damage than Rashid's other special moves.

Gallery Edit

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