The Spiral Arrow (スパイラルアロー Supairaru Aroo?), called the Cannon Drill (キャノンドリル Kyanon Doriru?) in certain games, is one of Cammy's special attacks in the Street Fighter series, introduced in Super Street Fighter II. The move is also usable by fellow Dolls Juni and Decapre in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Ultra Street Fighter IV respectively.

Input (All appearances)
Cammy Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Kick
Juni Arcade Modifier (Air) Arcade Stick CBArcade Stick Right + Arcade Button Kick
Decapre Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick CBArcade Stick Right + Arcade Button Kick



Cammy spiral arrow

Cammy's Spiral Arrow.

Cannon Drill

Spiral Arrow/Cannon Drill, as seen in Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival.

Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing kick, Cammy/Juni lunges forward during the technique, spinning in a corkscrew manner with their feet leading towards the opponent, performing a short sliding kick along the ground as they land. Though the move targets the opponent's legs, the technique can be blocked from both standing and crouching positions. The technique hits once and causes knockdown on hit. In some incarnations, Spiral Arrow will hit twice from the appropriate range. The move tends to be very unsafe on block, except when done at the maximum distance.

The traveled distance is determined by the kick button pressed.

The EX Special version introduced in Street Fighter IV has the "drilling" motion hit twice and pass under projectiles (excluding Sagat's Low Tiger Shot).

Certain crossovers allow Cammy to perform this move while airborne, with flame or 'ki' emphasis added.



Decapre's airborne Spiral Arrow hitting Dudley. Click to see animation.

Decapre's version of the move is executed with the same motion as Juni; however, her version is airborne only, and she comes down in a diagonal trajectory with her body perfectly horizontal.


  • Spiral Arrow knocks the opponent as soon as the handle. The EX version can go through fireballs. Cammy can cancel Heavy Spiral Arrow with a Spin Drive Smasher.
  • Decapre can already use it before an DCM anti-air or after a Psycho Sting.
  • Juni can also use the Spiral Arrow in the air as Decapre.


  • Juli is the only playable Doll not have Spiral Arrow on her move list, but Juli has a Spiral Arrow version, Sniping Arrow.




Cammy-cannondrill Juni-cannondrillCannon spike

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