Stray is a fictional character from the Final Fight series, introduced in the game Final Fight 3.


Stray was a lean but powerful man with wild purple hair and black shades. He wore a green trench coat over a white shirt, purple camo pants, purple gloves, combat boots, spiked metal knuckles, and metal shin guards. Overall, his visage fit the stereotypical description of an unsavory and threatening stalker/criminal.


Final FightEdit

Stray was a high-ranking member of the Skull Cross Gang who fought Haggar, Guy, Lucia, and Dean in a factory, encountering them as he rode around on a crane. Dean managed to defeat him, and upon recognizing Stray as the man who had murdered his family, he avenged them by killing Stray.

Fighting styleEdit

Stray was very fast and agile, with good power to boot. He fought with punches and dash punches, and would often leap through the air and try to punch any enemies underneath him. He could also block attacks, which made it hard to use combos against him.


  • If players break a certain control panel in the factory, they will not encounter Stray.



Stray (FF3) Model

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