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The soundtrack's cover

Street Fighter is the soundtrack to the 1994 action film, Street Fighter: The Movie. It was released on December 6, 1994 by Priority Records and was almost entirely hip hop. The soundtrack found some success on the Billboard charts, peaking at #135 on the Billboard 200 and #34 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, and featured one charting single "Something Kinda Funky" by Rally Ral, which made it to #39 on the Hot Rap Singles.

Track listingEdit

  • 1. "Street Fighter"- 4:59 (Ice Cube)
  • 2. "Come Widdit"- 4:50 (Ahmad, Ras Kass & Saafir)
  • 3. "One on One"- 3:30 (Nas)
  • 4. "Pandemonium"- 4:21 (The Pharcyde)
  • 5. "Street Soldier"- 4:27 (Paris)
  • 6. "Something Kinda Funky"- 4:14 (Rally Ral)
  • 7. "It's a Street Fight"- 3:51 (B.U.M.S.)
  • 8. "Life as..."- 2:48 (LL Cool J)
  • 9. "Do You Have What It Takes?"- 4:36 (Craig Mack)
  • 10. "Straight to My Feet"- 4:00 (Hammer & Deion Sanders)
  • 11. "Rumbo in da Jungo"- 2:49 (Public Enemy & Wreck League)
  • 12. "Rap Comando"- 3:14 (Anotha Level & Shaylin Walsh)
  • 13. "Worth Fighting For"- 4:38 (Angélique Kidjo)
  • 14. "Something There"- 5:02 (Chage and Aska)

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