Street Fighter EX2 Drama CD is a Drama CD released in 1998 with stories from Street Fighter EX2.

Track listingEdit

TrackTitleTranslationMain characters
Story 1
01ROUND1 癒されぬ記憶Round 1: Memories Restored Kairi, Hokuto, Nanase, Ryu, grandfather (祖父)
02ROUND2 蘇える過去Round 2:The Past Revived Kairi, Hokuto, Nanase, Skullomania, grandfather
03ROUND3 因縁の連鎖Round 3: Chains of Fate Kairi, Hokuto, Nanase, Hayate
04ROUND4 引き裂かれた願いRound 4: Torn Wish Kairi, Hokuto, Nanase
Story 2
05ROUND2 運命という枷Round 2: Shackles of Destiny Kairi, Hokuto, Nanase, Dhalsim, grandfather
06ROUND3 果てしなき追跡Round 3: Endless Pursuit Kairi, Hokuto, Nanase, Ken
07ROUND4 希望への旅立ちRound 4: Journey Towards Hope Kairi, Hokuto, Nanase
08七瀬とほくとの裏ドラナイトExtra Dra Night of Nanase and Hokuto Nanase, Hokuto, Kairi, Ken, Skullomania, Dhalsim, Hayate

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