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Street Fighter EX is a series of 3D fighting games. They were developed by the company Arika and due to Capcom only allowing the Street Fighter characters for license, these games are non-canonical to the official storyline in the Street Fighter universe.



  • About Capcom characters appearing in this spin-off series.
    • There are all characters appeared in the original Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile and Zangief appearing in Street Fighter EX and subsequents; Dhalsim appearing in Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha and subsequents; Blanka appearing in Street Fighter EX2 and subsequents) except E. Honda. Coincidentally, in the 3D fighting game series Virtua Fighter, the third game introduced Taka-Arashi, a sumo wrestler, who was the only one character in that series not making further appearances until Virtua Fighter 5 R. This fact gives the impression that at that time handling their fighting style in 3D was difficult.
    • There are the boss characters become playable in Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (M. Bison appearing in Street Fighter EX as a boss, later becoming playable in Street Fighter EX Plus and subsequents; Vega appearing in Street Fighter EX2 and subsequents; Sagat appearing in Street Fighter EX2 Plus and subsequent) except Balrog. His absence is probably due to the difficulties at that time in handling in 3D his fighting style which deprives him of the use of legs. It should be noted that Cracker Jack, one of the new characters introduced in this series, has a very similar fighting style and uses many of the same moves, though unlike Balrog, Jack does use kicks.
    • There is no character introduced in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, only Akuma (appearing only in the original Street Fighter EX and its updates) who was introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.
    • Sakura is the only character (appearing only in Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha and EX3) who has been introduced in the Alpha series. Evil Ryu (who appeared in the same games as well as Street Fighter EX Plus) could also count.
  • Arika released a spin-off of Street Fighter EX in arcades, called Fighting Layer. The gameplay was very similar to the EX games, and even featured two of the EX characters (Allen Snider and Blair Dame), but was not an actual Street Fighter game, and was distributed by Namco.
  • On June 30th, 2011, Arika uploaded several screenshots for a demo fighting game (with Kairi, Blair, Hokuto, Shadowgeist and D. Dark) for the Nintendo 3DS in their official site.[1] On July 11th the same year, a footage featuring this new demo appeared on Youtube.[2] The video showed a battle between Hokuto and Kairi as well as featuring reused sound effects. However, this project was abandoned, and Arika has no plans to release a new fighting game at the moment.
  • Since September 2016 and onwards, all of the EX fighters were given profiles in the Street Fighter V character guide.



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