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Street Fighter Gaiden is a two volume manga series, drawn and written by Mami Itou. This manga contain short stories based on the events of Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Volume Information Edit

Volume 1: Edit

This volume contains the following chapters:

  • Ryu: Ryu fight against a Karate Champion, to which he had never heard of, while giving his deceased master, Gouken, respects.
  • Eliza: Eliza tells her niece, Amy, a story (actually a flashback) on why Ken always fight.
  • Chun-Li: Chun-Li investigates a new drug created by Shadaloo in San Francisco, California, in this two part short story.
  • T. Hawk: T. Hawk fight against Balrog and Shadaloo to save his homeland.
  • Fei Long: This story tells the rise of fame to the tragic demise of Fei Long.
  • Guile: Guile participates in a secret street fighting tournament headed by Shadaloo to stop a fellow soldier who is thinking of joining the organization.

Volume 2: Edit

This volume contains the following chapters:

  • Ken: Ken heads for Japan to participate a tournament but has a friendly exhibition match with E. Honda for one of Honda's students.
  • Cammy: This two part short story tells about Cammy's new life in Delta Red and becomes a target for Vega.
  • Cammy's Holiday: Cammy teams up Chun-Li in her day off in this light-hearted story.
  • Akuma: Akuma test Ryu and Ken to see if they are worthy of mastering their fighting style, Ansatsuken.

Both volumes also contain the author's postscripts and sketches of certain Street Fighter characters.

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