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Street Fighter II Complete File is the soundtrack released on November 15, 1992 in Japan containing music from Street Fighter II. The soundtrack also includes a book with information from the series.

Track listingEdit

  • 1. Theme of World Warriors (Title Demo)
  • 2. Ryu (Sound Profile)
  • 3. Ken (Sound Profile)
  • 4. Guile (Sound Profile)
  • 5. Patio de la Noche (Balrog)
  • 6. A Violent Emotion (Guile)
  • 7. Zangief (Sound Profile)
  • 8. Dhalsim (Sound Profile)
  • 9. Blanka (Sound Profile)
  • 10. Fight it Out (Ken)
  • 11. E. Honda (Sound Profile)
  • 12. Chun-Li (Sound Profile)
  • 13. Go Flying Through the Air (Sound Profile)
  • 14. Solid and Tough (Zangief)
  • 15. M. Bison (Sound Profile)
  • 16. Balrog (Sound Profile)
  • 17. Sagat (Sound Profile)
  • 18. Vega (Sound Profile)
  • 19. Recollection (Ending Theme Medley)
  • 20. Special Remix Medley from "Street Fighter II"
  • 21. Ready to Fight! (Staff Roll)

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