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Street Fighter World Warrior is a Pitch short film by YouTube user blinky500 based on Capcom's popular fighting game series Street Fighter.


The follows Ken Masters in searching for his friend Ryu, but runs in with Ryu's Ex-lover Chun-Li.



  • The teaser was shot in about an hour inside in Jersey City. Actor Kevin Kreider who played Ryu is actually a 6'1 model who had to do jump kicks under a 6'4 high basement ceiling. It was an interesting shoot.
  • The budget was $70.00 which was spent to shoot.
  • Chase Coleman who plays Ken was actually cast 24 hours prior to filming this. The original actor who was cast had suffered a horrific injury only two days before the scheduled shooting date and was forced to quit.


Street Fighter (World Warrior) Teaser Trailer01:17

Street Fighter (World Warrior) Teaser Trailer

Street Fighter World Warrior (Pitch Video)05:56

Street Fighter World Warrior (Pitch Video)

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