For the unrelated live-action TV series, see Street Fighter: World Warrior.

Street Fighter World Warrior is a Pitch short film by YouTube user blinky500 based on Capcom's popular fighting game series Street Fighter.


Ken Masters searches for his friend Ryu, but runs into Ryu's ex-lover, Chun-Li.



  • The teaser was shot in about an hour inside in Jersey City. Actor Kevin Kreider who played Ryu is actually a 6'1 model who had to do jump kicks under a 6'4 high basement ceiling. It was an interesting shoot.
  • The budget was $70.00 which was spent to shoot.
  • Chase Coleman who plays Ken was actually cast 24 hours prior to filming this. The original actor who was cast had suffered a horrific injury only two days before the scheduled shooting date and was forced to quit.


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