Street Fighter X Tekken (ストリートファイター X 鉄拳 Sutorīto Faitā Kurosu Tekken?, pronounced Street Fighter Cross Tekken) is a crossver fighting game featuring characters from both the Street Fighter series and the Tekken series, released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, iOS, and PlayStation Vita.[1] The game is one of a pair of games, with the other being Tekken X Street Fighter, in development by Namco Bandai.[2] Street Fighter X Tekken uses Street Fighter IV's engine; Tekken X Street Fighter, on the other hand, will be using Tekken's engine.


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The main story of the game revolves around a strange, cubical object that crash-landed on Earth, somewhere in Antarctica. Nobody knows exactly what the object is, where it came from or what purpose it has, only that it appears to release a powerful energy when beings come into conflict around it. As a result, researchers nickname the strange box "Pandora". Several characters from the Tekken and Street Fighter universes form teams of two and search for Pandora, each with their own motivations.[3]



Zangief and Heihachi in battle.

The game uses a modified Street Fighter IV engine. Gameplay is focused on "Tag Team combat where players select two fighters to deliver knockout assist attacks and special combos". The KO system works similarly to Tekken Tag Tournament, where the fight ends when one member of the team has been knocked out. There is also a "Customize Color" option and "Scramble Mode" battle, where all four chosen characters battle at the same time in their respective teams, reminiscent of the Street Fighter Alpha Dramatic Battles.[1] A new feature is the "Pandora" mode, where players can relinquish their partner in order to gain a temporary surge in power. As seen in the trailers, this new mode also ties in to the game's story.

Another new feature is the Gem System, where players can add up to three gems to their character in order to enhance their abilities and stats. Most gems are immediately in effect, though some gems will only take effect when certain conditions are met on the battlefield alone.

Several other gameplay features are added, including:


These are the characters that make an appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken:[4]

Street FighterEdit


^1 Downloadable characters

^* Playable on the iOS edition

Guest characters (PS3/Vita exclusive)Edit


The following characters, while not playable, appear or are referred to in various trailers, stages, etc.

Street FighterEdit

  • E. Honda (cameo in "The Pit Stop 109" stage, Jack-X's Swap Costume).
  • Mike Haggar
  • Mad Gear Gang
    • Sodom (cameo in "Mad Gear Hideout" stage, Heihachi's Swap Costume).
    • Abigail (cameo in "Mad Gear Hideout" stage).
    • Damnd (cameo in "Mad Gear Hideout" stage).
    • Axl (cameo in "Mad Gear Hideout" stage).
    • Edi. E (cameo in "Mad Gear Hideout" stage).
    • Grandfather Andore (cameo in "Mad Gear Hideout" stage).
    • Belger (cameo in "Mad Gear Hideout" stage).
  • Mech-Zangief[5] (cameo in "Cosmic Elevator" stage).
  • El Fuerte[6] (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage, Marshall Law's Swap Costume).
  • Alex[6] (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage, King's Swap Costume).
  • The Dolls
    • Juli (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage, Christie's Swap Costume).
    • Juni (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage).
    • Enero (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage).
  • Sarai (seen in the background of the "Mishima State" stage with Kunimitsu and chases in the 2nd scene)
  • Yun Lee (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage).
  • Yang Lee (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage).
  • Hoimei (cameo in "The Half Pipe" stage).
  • Dan Hibiki (cameo in Sakura and Blanka's ending, Lei Wulong's Swap Costume, also runs the training mode).[7][8]
  • Oni (seen in Akuma's cinematic ending).
  • Rainbow Mika (Kuma's Swap Costume).
  • Dee Jay (Hwoarang's Swap Costume).
  • Charlie Nash (Steve's Swap Costume).
  • C. Viper (Jin Kazama's Swap Costume).
  • Gill (Ogre's Swap Costume).
  • Geki (Lars Alexandersson's Swap Costume).
  • Urien (Bryan Fury's Swap Costume).


  • Kunimitsu (Ibuki's Swap Costume, seen in the background at the "Mishima State" stage - see 2:15 of this video).[9]
  • Armor King (seen in King and Marduk's prologue and ending, Abel's Swap Costume).
  • Alex (seen in the background of the "Jurassic Era Reseach Facility" stage).
  • Ganryu (seen in the background of the "Blast Furnace" stage, Hugo's Swap Costume).
  • NANCY-MI847J (seen in the background of the "Urban Warzone" stage).
  • Eddy Gordo (seen in Christie and Lei's cinematic ending).
  • Miharu Hirano (seen in Xiaoyu's background picture).
  • Panda (seen in Xiaoyu's promotional artwork, Chun-Li's Swap Costume).
  • Tiger Jackson (seen on a bilboard in "The Half Pipe" stage, Dudley's Swap Costume).
  • Jinpachi Mishima (Dhalsim's Swap Costume).
  • Sergei Dragunov (Sagat's Swap Costume).
  • Devil (Poison's Swap Costume).
  • Angel (Rufus' Swap Costume).
  • Zafina (Juri's Swap Costume).

Stage CameosEdit


Downloadable ContentEdit

Swap CostumesEdit

Main article: Swap Costumes

DLC costumes, called "Swap Costumes", were announced; Street Fighter Swap Costumes are Tekken-inspired, and Tekken Swap Costumes are Street Fighter-inspired. Also present are "Alternate Costumes", which see fighters don the costumes of characters from their own series, as well as some-all new outfits.[11]

Color Edit, which was last seen in Capcom vs. SNK 2, has also returned; players are able to color skin, hair, and all layers of clothes, starting with very few colors but being able to download more via the Store.


Some weeks after the announcement, hackers infiltrated the game's code and discovered that all downloadable characters were already on the disk, but could only be unlocked if paid for. The fans criticized Capcom for having players pay to use something that was completed before release and on disc. Capcom said that this may facilitate compatibility, mainly in online matches.

Special Edition Edit

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Artbook Edit

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Street Fighter X Tekken (VG) (2012) - E3 2012 SF Gameplay trailer01:24

Street Fighter X Tekken (VG) (2012) - E3 2012 SF Gameplay trailer

Street Fighter X Tekken (VG) (2012) - E3 2012 TK Gameplay trailer01:36

Street Fighter X Tekken (VG) (2012) - E3 2012 TK Gameplay trailer


Box ArtEdit

Official ArtEdit

To view all official character artwork, see: Official Art.


See Street Fighter X Tekken/Screenshots.


See Street Fighter X Tekken/Trailers.


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