Street Fighter Zero 3 RPG is a tabletop roleplaying game based on Street Fighter Alpha 3. It was released in tandem with the Brazilian Street Fighter Zero 3 comic. It was released by Trama on October 1998, written by Marcelo Cassaro. It is the second official Street Fighter roleplaying game. It was only released in Brazil.

Game System Edit

Street Fighter Zero 3 is the first published instance of 3D&T, the third edition of Defensores de Tóquio. While Defensores de Tóquio was a satirical tabletop RPG about anime and tokusatsu, 3D&T is a generic tabletop RPG geared towards emulating anime, manga and fighting games.

Setting Edit

The game places the player characters as Street Fighters. Players can either create their own Street Fighters or play one of the established characters from the Street Fighter universe.

The core book presents Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Blanka as playable characters. The adventure "O Resgate de Charlie" (Charlie's Rescue) also features Vega, Sagat and Cammy (but only Cammy is playable).

Other Releases Edit

The Street Fighter Zero 3 line also included a Shadaloo book and a Final Fight book. Each book includes additional lore, rules and more playable characters.

Legacy Edit

Street Fighter Zero 3 launched the 3D&T line, to this day one of Brazil's most successful tabletop roleplaying games.


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