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A Super Combo (スーパーコンボ Suupaa Konbo?) is a type of special move that can be performed only under a certain condition. They are usually a more powerful version of a special attack; a variation of a special attack or an altogether unique move, Super Combos are powerful string of attacks, and they strike an opponent multiple times, hence the "combo" term.

Introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, the Super Combo eventually coins the term "Super Move" in many later fighting games (sometimes depending on the game, Supers would be coined through a universal name unique to the game and its series). The Super Combo itself has also been featured in later games, such as Street Fighter III (in the form of selectable Super Arts) and Street Fighter IV. Street Fighter IV also introduced a more powerful version of the Super Combo, the Ultra Combo, which in turn were somewhat predated by the Street Fighter EX series' Meteor Combos. In Japanese, the most common term for a "Super" tends to be the "Super Special Move/Attack" (超必殺技, Chou Hissatsuwaza, "Super Finisher Technique" or "Super Sure-Killing Art").

The term Hyper Combo in the some of the crossover series games has also been derived off of this term.


Each player has a Super Combo Gauge at the bottom of the screen which is filled up while the character performs their basic and special techniques against the opponent. When the Super Combo gauge is filled completely, the player will then be able to perform their Super Combo technique by inputting the specific command, which will then reset the Super Combo gauge back to zero. If an opponent is defeated with a Super Combo, then the background will flash red and yellow.

In Super Street Fighter II Turbo, the Street Fighter Alpha series and some crossover games, when using these moves, the fighter will leave blue afterimages.

List of Super CombosEdit

Street Fighter Alpha seriesEdit

Character Super Combo 1 Super Combo 2 Super Combo 3
Adon Jaguar Varied Assault Jaguar Revolver
Akuma Messatsu Gou Hado Tenma Gou Zankuu Messatsu Gou Shoryuu (Super 4: Shungokusatsu)
Balrog Crazy Buffalo Gigaton Blow
Birdie The Birdie Bull Revenger
Blanka Ground Shave Roll Tropical Hazard
Cammy Spin Drive Smasher Reverse Shaft Breaker Killer Bee Assault (Street Fighter Alpha 3 only)

Psycho Streak (Street Fighter Alpha 2 only)

Charlie Somersault Justice Sonic Break Crossfire Blitz
Chun-Li Senretsukyaku Kikosho Hazan Tenshokyaku
Cody Final Destruction Dead End Irony
Dan Koryu Rekka Shinku Gadoken Hissho Buraiken
Dee Jay Sobat Carnival Climax Beat Theme of Sunrise
Dhalsim Yoga Tempest Yoga Inferno Yoga Strike (Super 4: Yoga Stream)
Eagle Union Jack Platinum Manchester Gold
E. Honda Oni Muso Fuji Drop Orochi Crush
Evil Ryu Shinku Hadoken Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Messatsu Gou Shoryuu (Super 4: Shungokusatsu)
Fei Long Rekkashinken Shien Renkyaku Ryuu Yassai
Gen Shitenshuu Zan' ei Jyakoha (Super 4: Kouga
Guile Sonic Hurricane Somersault Strike
Guy Bushin Muso Renge Bushin Hasoken Bushin Gorai Kyaku
Ingrid Sun Delta Sunburst Sunshine
Juli Reverse Shaft Breaker Psycho Roll Spin Drive Smasher (Super 4: Death Cross Dance)
Juni Psycho Streak Spin Drive Smasher Psycho Roll
Karin Kanzukiryuu Shinpikaibyaku Kanzukiryuu Kou'ou Ken
Ken Shoryureppa Shinryuken Shippu Jinraikyaku
Maki Bushin Guraiha Tesshinhou Ajaratengu
M. Bison Psycho Crusher Knee Press Nightmare Ultimate Psycho Crusher (Final Bison only)
R. Mika Sardine Beach Special Rainbow Hip Rush Heavenly Dynamite
Rolento Mine Sweeper Take No Prisoners Steel Rain
Rose Aura Soul Spark Aura Soul Throw Soul Illusion
Ryu Shinku Hadoken Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Metsu Shoryuken (Super 4: Shin Shoryuken)
Sagat Tiger Raid Tiger Cannon Tiger Genocide (Super 4: Angry Charge)
Sakura Shinku Hadoken Haru Ichiban Midare Zakura
Sodom Meido no Miyage Tenchusatsu
T. Hawk Raging Typhoon Canyon Splitter
Vega Flying Barcelona Special Cage Climb Scarlet Mirage (Super 4: Red Impact)
Yun You Hou Hiten Souryujin Sorai Rengeki
Zangief Final Atomic Buster Aerial Russian Slam

Street Fighter IVEdit

Character Super Combo
Abel Heartless: Abel rushes the enemy, pushing him/her to the edge of the stage. Once there, he unleashes a barrage of four punches, then grabs the opponent and performs a full somersault, slamming the opponent into the ground.
Akuma Raging Demon or Shun Goku Satsu: Akuma glides towards the opponent and grabs him/her. The screen goes dark and Akuma performs multiple blows to the opponent, ending with the opponent on the ground and the kanji '天' (ten, "heaven"), visible on Akuma's back when the Super Combo finishes.
Balrog Crazy Buffalo: Balrog rushes the opponent and performs five Dash Straights (or Dash Uppers depending on which button is pressed), knocking the opponent to the ground.
Blanka Ground Shave Roll: Blanka launches into the air in a ball which spins almost in place when it lands (though moving slightly forward), dealing multiple hits to the opponent. Can be charged once activated.
Cammy Spin Drive Smasher: Cammy starts with a low Spiral Arrow, follows with a backflip double kick and finishes with a Cannon Spike.
Chun-Li Senretsukyaku: Chun-Li kicks the opponent once, then follows with a Hyakuretsukyaku and finishes with an inverted heel kick.
Crimson Viper Emergency Combination: Viper charges her gloves, then dashes forward and delivers two Thunder Knuckles followed by a backflip Burning Kick.
Dan Hissho Buraiken: Dan unleashes a flurry of eighteen punches and kicks, finishing with a Koryuken.
Legendary Taunt (Chouhatsu Densetsu): Dan performs a series of taunts. The move usually cannot be canceled one initiated, does no damage, and is intended for humorous effect.
Dhalsim Yoga Inferno: Dhalsim blows an extra-large Yoga Flame which severely burns the opponent.
E. Honda Super Killer Head Ram: Honda hits the opponent with two successive Sumo Headbutts.
El Fuerte El Fuerte Dynamite: El Fuerte performs three forward flips, kicking the opponent in the process, and then runs up the opponent's chest, leaps high into the air, and performs a flying body slam straight down.
Fei Long Rekkashinken: Fei Long performs an advanced and more powerful version of the Rekkaken, which has five hits in total.
Gouken Forbidden Shoryuken: Gouken draws back and delivers a very powerful Shoryuken.
Gen Zan'ei: Gen phases through his enemy and slashes at them, striking once, but with the opponent suffering six hits once Gen finishes.
Jyakoha: Gen jumps upward, grabs the enemy from the air with a scissor lock to the head, and slams them to the ground while spinning rapidly.
Guile Double Flash: Guile performs two multi-hitting Flash Kicks.
Ken Shoryureppa: Ken performs a light Shoryuken and then a flaming one.
M. Bison Knee Press Nightmare: M. Bison performs two Double Knee Presses and then a sliding kick past the falling opponent.
Rose Aura Soul Spark: Rose launches an intense Soul Spark which hits the opponent multiple times.
Rufus Spectacle Romance: Rufus punches the opponent twice, then somersaults over him/her and sends them flying with a two-handed strike upon landing behind them.
Ryu Shinku Hadoken: Ryu prepares an unusually powerful Hadoken and launches it at the enemy. This move can also catch foes in the air after a Shoryuken, just like his Metsu Hadoken.
Sagat Tiger Genocide: Sagat strikes with the Tiger Knee, and follows up with Tiger Uppercut.
Sakura Haru Ichiban: Sakura performs three low Shunpukyaku floor sweeps and finishes with a reverse roundhouse kick.
Seth Tandem Storm: Seth creates an orb of dark energy between his palms which sucks the opponent into it as it shrinks, dealing multiple hits. When it reaches its minimum size, it explodes, sending the opponent flying. If the move misses, Seth simply closes the orb with no blast.
Vega Flying Barcelona Special: A wall-jump which can lead into a four-hit leaping slash.
Rolling Izuna Drop: Input during the Flying Barcelona Special, Vega performs three Izuna Drops.
Zangief Final Atomic Buster: Zangief performs two suplexes which segue into a Spinning Piledriver.

Super Street Fighter IVEdit

Character Super Combo
Adon Jaguar Varied Assault: Adon begins with a series of elbow blows, and finishes with one of the following based on input: Jaguar Assault, a knee-and-elbow pincer combo (no input), Thousand Jaguars, a flurry of punches (punch), or Jaguar Assassin, ending the combo with three knee blows (kick).
Cody Dead End Irony: Cody strikes the opponent with seven different kicks.
Dee Jay Sobat Carnival: Dee Jay hits the opponent with several kicks. The Super Combo has been modified from Super Street Fighter II to Super Street Fighter IV.
Dudley Rocket Upper: Dudley does 3 uppercuts, and the last one combines an uppercut and a Corkscrew Blow.
Guy Bushin Hasoken: Guy makes a string of anti-air blows with fists and kicks. This move can also be cancelled from the final kick in the Bushin Combo.
Hakan Flying Oil Spin: Hakan grabs the opponent and spining him/her along the ground from side to side.
Ibuki Kasumi Suzaku: (air Super Combo) Ibuki jumps and launches six rounds of Kunai, each round of two Kunai.
Juri Fuharenjin: Juri begins a round of Fuhajin in different directions.
Makoto Tanden Renki: Makoto's skin becomes red, and for a limited time (determined by the Super Gauge) her attack damage is increased by 25%.
T. Hawk Double Typhoon: Thunder Hawk performs the Mexican Typhoon two times.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade EditionEdit

Character Super Combo
Evil Ryu Raging Demon: Evil Ryu glides towards the opponent and grabs him/her. The screen goes dark and Evil Ryu performs multiple blows to the opponent, ending with the opponent on the ground and the kanji '天' (ten, "heaven"), visible on Evil Ryu's back when the Super Combo finishes. If used as a K.O. finisher, the kanji '滅' (metsu, "destruction") appears on the screen as he poses.

Raging Demon: Oni glides towards the opponent and grabs him/her. The screen goes dark and Oni performs multiple blows to the opponent, ending with the opponent on the ground and the kanji '天' (ten, "heaven"), visible on Oni's back when the Super Combo finishes. If used as a K.O. finisher, the kanji '神' (kami, "god") and '鬼' (ki, "demon"), or '魂' (kon, "soul") appear on the screen as he poses.

Yang Seiei Enbu: Red afterimages of Yang appear and follow behind him, echoing everything he does split-seconds later. These afterimages can hit the opponent.
Yun Genei Jin: Blue afterimages of Yun appear and follow behind him, echoing everything he does split-seconds later. These afterimages do not hit the opponent; instead, they allow Yun to string attacks together into combos more easily, working very similarly to a Custom Combo.

Ultra Street Fighter IVEdit

Character Super Combo
Elena Spinning Beat: Elena performs three Scratch Wheels (similar to the Shoryureppa).
Poison Thunder Whip: Poison uses her whip and performs two consecutive Shoryureppa-style whip flogs, each one hitting multiple times.
Hugo Hammer Mountain (originally named Hammer Frenzy): Hugo starts with a Monster Lariat, then a Hammer Hook, followed by a standing Heavy Punch, and finishes with a Giant Palm Bomber.
Rolento Mine Sweeper: Rolento performs a series of backward rolls, leaving behind grenades on the ground to explode.
Decapre Strafe Dagger: Decapre draws her daggers and flies spinning towards her opponent, similar to a Psycho Crusher, while stabbing them multiple times. She finishes the move with a dagger slash, which sends the opponent flying.


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