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The Super Jump is an ability introduced to the Street Fighter series in Street Fighter III: New Generation. This mechanic later became exclusive to two characters in the Street Fighter IV series.


Characters in the Street Fighter III series can execute a super jump by pressing down just before jumping in any direction. In the Street Fighter IV series, only Crimson Viper and Ibuki would be able to super jump, as well as cancel into them. The height reached is roughly twice that of a normal jump.


Super jumps can be used to retreat or to gain ground. Certain moves can be super jump canceled, allowing players to follow their juggled opponents to land follow-up hits. (E.g., the last hit of Chun-Li's Houyoku Sen in 3rd Strike can be super jump canceled, allowing her to tag her opponent with a jumping normal move.)

Combo potential is not only subject to follow opponents in juggles. The super jump can be canceled in it's pre-jump frames. E.g., Chun-Li can super jump cancel her close heavy kick and Super Cancel before she leaves the ground. Also, off of certain normal moves, Crimson Viper and Ibuki can combo into Burst Time and Hashinsho respectively.

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