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This is a list of quotes used by T. Hawk.

Street Fighter II series Edit

Super Street Fighter II Turbo Edit

  • "Your scream sounds like a pathetic war cry!"
  • "My totem is too great for your desperate techniques!"

Super Street Fighter II Turbo RevivalEdit

  • "I lost everything. There is nothing to fear!"

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD RemixEdit

  • "Survival of the fittest is nature's way!"
  • "It is a good day to die!"
  • "I have nothing more to lose, which is why I fear nothing."
  • "You can't stop my Hawk Dive!"

Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

  • "Peace is something that can be wished and fought for."
  • "Look to the heavens for unlimited power!"
  • "Never defy the elements of nature!"
  • "I'll accomplish my mission for the pride of my tribe!"
  • "If you listen, you can hear the sounds of victory..."
  • "My scared land, Thunderfoot, stays with me, always..."
  • "Sacred blood and mother earth lead me to the battlefield!"

Street Fighter IV series Edit


  • "Our village has yet to reach its former greatness, yet it warms my heart to see our sacred land on the way to recovery. People abound, and the voices of children echo among us. The village elder has proposed making me chief, though I am not yet worthy. I cannot bear that mantle. I must forgive my own transgressions to reach that plateau, for I was unable to rescue my darling Julia. I have lost her to the sands of time... Wait for me, Julia. I will retrieve that which I have lost and return victorious to our sacred land!"


Rose: "I am so sorry. She is a shell of her former self. If that is not enough to dissuade you... I will tell you where she is."

"She's looking outside again... As if she's waiting for someone."

"She must really believe that someone'll come for her."

"She's lost her memories, her ability to speak... to laugh. She can't even cry."

"And yet hope remains. Nothing can take that away."


  • "Fighting with conviction leads to victory."

Personal ActionsEdit

  • "Respect the land."
  • "I breathe in harmony with all of creation."
  • "Seek wisdom before knowledge."
  • "Do not be afraid to cry."
  • "We are but branches on the tree of life."
  • "Feel the strength of the land."
  • "Humility is a virtue."
  • "The wind... it weeps."
  • "The birds cry."
  • "The land weeps today."

Round winEdit

  • "Rushing to get there is pointless... for 'there' exists only in your mind."
  • "Father, guide me down the true path!"
  • "How!" (Native American greeting)

Rival BattleEdit

Vs. El FuerteEdit

El Fuerte: "How about a fight, amigo? I'm a lot stronger now!"

T. Hawk: "You haven't changed."

El Fuerte: "...What?!"

T. Hawk: "That attitude... looks like I have more to teach you."

Win Quotes Edit

Versus Mode Edit

  • "Let us depart."
  • "I will not stop until I have found my beloved and hold her in my arms!"
  • "The wind speaks to us."
  • "Let us go to the ends of the earth!"
  • "Do not lament over your loss, for the spirits will heal and rejuvenate you."
  • "These fists fight for life. They are protected by benevolent spirits."
  • "You cannot defeat me if you fight only for yourself."
  • "True warriors know no fear. This is not pride, but merely confidence."
  • "I do not fear death. But do not confuse this for resignation."
  • "Spirits and men are both engaged in a constant journey."
  • "My power is bestowed upon me by the spirits. You have no such power!"

Arcade Mode (SSFIV) Edit

  • "I sympathize in your quest to uncover your roots. I wish I could help."
  • "You have not spent your childhood alone. The spirits of nature watched over you."
  • "You and I and all of mankind were born of the benevolence of the spirits."
  • "You will never win as long as you rely on machinery to fight."
  • "It's difficult to win with humility and lose with dignity."
  • "Your music is unfamiliar to me, but I like the rhythm very much."
  • "Yoga, eh? This art intrigues me."
  • "It feels as if you fight to gain the respect of others..."
  • "Fighting honors the spirits around us."
  • "You possess great power. Do show some gratitude for your good fortune, friend."
  • "You appear to be accompanied by many spirits."
  • "You have mastered the art of channeling your anger into strength."
  • "You should return to your village. Youths have certain obligations, child."
  • "Evil deeds have a way of making their way back to us. Prepare yourself."
  • "You have a great respect for the place you were born. That is commendable."
  • "Compassion is a necessary emotion for a god. You are a pretender."
  • "Do not think your powers are your own. The spirits allow you to see things."
  • "If you fight only to please yourself, the spirits will not do your bidding."
  • "You have a pure heart, young one. Stay on the path you have chosen."
  • "Open your eyes. All living things are beautiful."
  • "Your speed reminds me of a spring chicken, desperately flapping its wings."

Arcade Mode (USFIV) Edit

  • "I'm happy to have fought you, I sense that our nature guided our paths to cross."
  • "Use the body you have been blessed with wisely or you will live to regret it."
  • "Hair like an exotic bird. Heart like a volcano...the spirits are uneasy."
  • "I cannot obey one who ignores the voices of those sacrificed for his ideals."

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