Remy = Guile?Edit

After some YouTube'ing, I find that Remy has very similar moves to Guile, and fighting style in general. However, his move's names seem to differ; "Light of Virtue"= Sonic Boom? "Rising Rage Kick" = Flash Kick? If so, someone who has SFIII has got to get to work on that. --HavocReaper'48 01:27, April 20, 2010 (UTC)

The special moves are the same but the normals are completely different, with Remy possessing more of a Savate style. He also has an extra special move which is similar in spirit to Viper's Burning Kick. There are plenty of people who assume there's a connection with Abel, but since both have only appeared in one game, and Abel has amnesia, there's just not enough enough info on them to be sure.--Evilsbane 08:26, April 20, 2010 (UTC)

remy cant be related to abelEdit

simply, abel was only 10 when remy was born. thats way too young to have a child. check it out.

re: then what are abel and remy's official birth years? also a source/link has to be added.
i do think abel's too young to be remy's father however, cause if sf4 is in 94 and sf3:3S is in 99, then abel looks way too young in sf4(25-35) to be remy's father(if remy's at least 18 years old in 3S).
to me, the appropriate age to be a father is at least 25, so if abel gave birth to remy at 25, he would be 38 in sf4 and 43 by the time of sf3:3S.
seeing to it that abel is sometimes referred to as a 'young man'(dudley's win quote to abel, collectors hint book from sf4 collectors edition(as 'a young amnesiac')), it would be weird to call him that if he was 38 years old.
the argument that he might look younger than he supposedly has to be if he's remy's father(around 38 in sf4) is partially invalid, cause i don't know how old dudley is in sf4 but it would be weird if he called abel a young man if they don't even have much of an age difference(dudley couldn't be older than 45 in 3S and therefore couldn't be older than 40 in sf4).
also i don't think you could call a 38 year old a young man in general.
so tl;dr abel looks too young in sf4 to be remy's dad, and he's not older than he looks like, cause then he wouldn't be referred to as a 'young man'.
too bad though, cause it would've been a great tie-in with the sf3 series. 10:14, August 12, 2010 (UTC)

What's the source for Remy's height and weight?Edit

According to the numbers here he's supposed to be as tall as Ryu, but in the game he's at least a head taller: [[1]]


Whoever said there is a connection is weird. Especially if you are saying Remy is Abel's father. They look more as of brothers or maybe even cousins. And sign your posts (like this ~~~~) even if you aren't and official user please. Unless somebody can prove me otherwise with Remy, don't put it on either page. Poison 17:30, August 11, 2010 (UTC)

Inappropriate input directly below Remy's appearance.... Edit

Right after the last bit of information on his appearance, there is a bit of spacing and then..... an opinion of him that someone has posted on his wiki page..... I would delete it myself, but it doesn't show up in his appearance section when I try to edit it. Could a more experienced wiki user please remove this statement? It's hard to miss.... It's right above "Gameplay". ~~Mord McCleaver~~

Want Edit

I want him to return soon, along with Adon! —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)