The Target Combo (ターゲットコンボ Tāgetto Konbo?) is a variation type of Chain Combo within a gameplay concept introduced in the Street Fighter III series. Originally introduced in Street Fighter Alpha since it was first used by Final Fight character, Guy. Target Combos are prevalent in the post-Street Fighter Alpha games to most of all characters within the series.


A Target Combo is a variation type Chain Combo, a preset combination of normal punches/kicks performed in a specific sequence. They are typically meterless combos, but require strict timing such that if the first attack is not followed up quick enough or it is blocked, the combo cannot continue. They can be used to set up EX Specials, Super and Ultra Combos.

Their command timing is noticeably less strict in Street Fighter IV.


Target Combos are generally used in the same situations as regular combos and similar to Chain Combo. As mentioned above, they can be used to set up various attacks, but can also be used to punish an opponent who is either in a frame trap or has had an unsafe attack blocked. The unblockable nature of a correctly-landed Target Combo means that it is great for dealing massive damage to an opponent.

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