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StreetFighter EP01

The Adventure Begins is the first episode in the first season of the Street Fighter TV series.


The episode begins raining outside in a warehouse where Guile is fighting an opponent where he is reminded of his time in Shadaloo. After defeating him, he meets up with Escher, who tells him about a biological virus that could wipe out the Earth in a week, and the team supposing to find the cure is missing, which is when Guile finds out that his ex-girlfriend, Lucinda, is with them. He begins to assemble a team currently comprising of Chun-Li, Ryu and Ken. In a jungle, Ryu and Ken are heading for a temple until they stop over and find Guile there, who reluctantly decides to tag them along. After meeting up with Chun-Li, the four find out that "Cindy" and her team were abducted by none other than M. Bison.

Meanwhile, in a temple, where Blanka, who had sealed himself from the world since Bison mutated him, sees the people hiding being kidnapped, causing him to break free. Later, Bison welcomes his captees, the medical team, and the reason why he captured them is because he wants the cure. When he explains that they need people as test subjects, he puts the natives in the room with a bomb containing a virus, and tells that if they don't find a cure, the bomb will explode at sunrise, spreading the disease and killing them all. Meanwhile, Guile gets attacked by Blanka, who then stops and explains that he left the temple he was at to hide and then went looking for the natives, who were like brothers to him. Guile tells him that Bison was the one who took them. Blanka agrees to come along with him, only until the natives are safe.

Meanwhile at Bison's base camp, he inspects Lucinda's work, who tells him to back off. Back in the forest, Chun-li and Guile find out that Ryu and Ken were gone; they have went to the temple Blanka mentioned, but while there, Ryu gets infected by the virus. Guile, Chun-Li and Blanka get in the base and hold down the guards and rescue the doctors. Upon seeing this, Bison grabs Lucinda and destroys the experiment; however, Blanka interrupts and lunges at Bison. Blanka rescues the natives, but, while holding the bomb to protect them, it goes off, infecting him. Guile finally gets to Lucinda and they talk. But after finding out Blanka got the virus, he goes after Bison, only to get hold off. Ken, who stole a tank from Bison, rescues Guile and tells him that Ryu is sick.

After getting help, they find out what Bison did to Blanka is fighting off the virus, meaning that they've found the cure. All the victims are saved, and Guile asks Blanka to think about joining the team, despite still being upset about what happened to him. Ryu and Ken arrive and the former thanks the team for what they've done. Blanka decides to join them, ending with him discussing that Guile owes him money during their time in Mindanao.


  • In this episode, Guile declines Escher's offering of a license for firearms, claiming "Guns are for wimps". This is rather contradictory of his portrayal in the movie (which this series derives many of its elements from), where he was prominently seen using pistols and sub-machine guns alongside his martial arts skills.

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