The Disc's Guidance (円盤の導き Enban no Michibiki?) is a one of Necalli's special moves in Street Fighter V. [1]

All appearances Arcade Stick CBArcade Stick Right+ Arcade Button Punch

Description Edit

Necalli rushes in while using both of his hands to tear at his opponent. This is well-used as a surprise attack or a combo ender. Necalli can go through projectiles and counter attack due to the projectile invincibility of this move. Activating V-Trigger makes this move travel much faster. In V-Trigger mode, the LP version is safe on block if spaced correctly. V-Trigger also removes the need to charge this move when used in combos.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

As with a majority of Necalli's moveset, the 'Disc' in this move refers to the Sun.

References Edit


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