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The Pitstop 109 is a stage that appears in Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Description Edit

Located somewhere in Japan, Pitstop 109 appears to be some sort of music or dance festival, featuring large trailer trucks with DJs in some of them and four people observing the trucks. The stage starts on daylight, with two trucks stopped and two soon arriving. One of these trucks features the iconic Blanka toy that Yoshinori Ono carries with him. As the battle continues, the sun starts going down.

In the second round it is already night, with the trucks displaying bright lights. Two of the trucks change their position in the beginning of the round.

In the PlayStation Vita version, the stage is at night. A man is sitting in the left corner and two women are in the truck in the right corner. Every time a fighter is knocked down, the head from the large teddy bear behind the women will move, eventually falling on the head from one of them.