StreetFighter EP22

The Warrior King is the ninth episode in the second season of the 1995 Street Fighter TV series. It is an loose adaptation of the Capcom game Magic Sword.


Evil dragon riding Wizards have turned against the Warriors' World, and a Magic Orb which sustains life is within their grasp. A mystic tries to persuade his Warrior King that he must enter a portal through time and space and keep the Orb safely away until the Mages withdraw or perish. The King is initially reluctant, but the Mages enter the palace. The King bravely fights one off, but the second throws a magic bolt which pushes the Orb into the portal, vanishing. The King has no other choice than to follow it.

The orb lands in a nation close to Shadaloo, and Bison claims it as his own. The orb has the power to control all weather, and Bison threatens the world with its power. The street fighter team is assembled, and Chun-Li is the first to confront Bison. The Warrior King magically appears, and fights Bison's minions with Chun-Li's help. The two quickly fall in love until another vortex appears, and the Warrior King leaves Chun-Li forever.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Warrior King character was a meta-crossover project by USA Network, the channel which broadcasted the series, on November 16, 1996. Other series that was involved in the crossover are, in order: Savage Dragon ("Endgame"), Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm ("Resurrection"), and ends with Wing Commander Academy episode "Recreation". Out of the four shows, Savage Dragon is the only one based not on a video game, but rather a comic series, while Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm only featured the orb, leaving the Warrior King in shadows at the end of the episode. The character was not used again after the "crossover" event.

The Warrior King is voiced by Michael Dorn of Star Trek fame, making him the only non-Ocean Group voice actor to be involved in the Street Fighter TV series.

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