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The Tiger Knee (タイガー二ー, Taigaa Nii), also known as "Tiger Thrust ", "Tiger Crash" or "Tiger Knee Crush" (タイガー二ークラッシュ, Taigaa Nii Kurasshu) in Street Fighter IV, is one of Sagat's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter II series.

Early Street Fighter II series Arcade Stick DHCF + Arcade Button Kick
All other appearances Arcade Stick S + Arcade Button Kick


Sagat executes the Tiger Knee in Super Street Fighter IV.
Executed the same way as his Tiger Uppercut (but inputting a diagonal half-circle forward motion in the early Street Fighter II series) with pressing a kick button instead, Sagat jumps forward and rams into the opponent with his knee, hitting twice.

The EX Special version has virtually no startup time, hits two times at its apex (allowing the full move to score up to three hits) and recovers faster.


The move is based on an actual Muay Thai move (Flying Knee) and, in the original Street Fighter, it actually resembled a realistic Flying Knee attack.


It can be used as an anti-air, combo ender or as a far punish; in Street Fighter IV, it has armor breaking properties. However, if the opponent evades or blocks the move, Sagat will be left wide open for counterattack.





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