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The Tiger Knee (タイガー二ー Taigaa Nii?), also known as Tiger Thrust, Tiger Crash or Tiger Knee Crush (タイガー二ークラッシュ Taigaa Nii Kurasshu?) in Street Fighter IV, is one of Sagat's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter II series.

Street Fighter II series
(except Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix)
Arcade Stick DHCF + Arcade Button Kick
All other appearances Arcade Stick S + Arcade Button Kick



Artwork of Sagat performing the move in Super Street Fighter IV.

Executed by performing a 'Shoryuken' motion (or in early Street Fighter II games, a half-circle up-forward motion) and pressing kick, Sagat jumps forward and rams into the opponent with his knee, hitting twice at close range.

The EX Special version has virtually no startup time, hits two times at its apex (allowing the full move to score up to three hits) and recovers faster.


The move is based on an actual Muay Thai move (Flying Knee) and, in the original Street Fighter, it actually resembled a realistic Flying Knee attack.


It can be used as an anti-air, combo ender or as a far punish; in Street Fighter IV, it has armor breaking properties and is projectile-invincible on startup. However, if the opponent evades or blocks the move, Sagat will be left wide open for counterattack.


  • Despite Sagat himself having no use for this, the original motion of the move proved in other fighting games to be a command bypass/exploit, especially for moves that could be done in midair; by performing the midair move's command (especially if it's a quarter circle) in the style of the Tiger Knee, the use would use their attack close rather close to the ground for more variety of usages, thus through this, the term "Tiger Knee'd" (abbv. as "TK'd") is often a term coined to "TK" a midair move in order to use it as close to the ground as possible. However, this tactic will not often work on moves with height restrictions.
    • Characters in the Street Fighter series themselves can make use of TK'ing, such as Cammy with her Cannon Strike (only in SFIV where it does not have height restriction).





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