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The Tiger Shot (タイガーショット, Taigaa Shotto) is one of Sagat's signature special attacks.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch (High) or Arcade Button Kick (Low)


Sagat tiger shot sfIV
Sagat's High Tiger Shot in Super Street Fighter IV.
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Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing either punch or kick, Sagat gathers ki in his hands and propels his fists together forwards in order to fire a vertical crescent-shaped energy projectile. This move has 2 versions: the "high" version has been a part of Sagat's arsenal since the original Street Fighter, while the "low" version was developed by Sagat after the events of that game, in order to remedy the move's height-based weakness.
  • The "High Tiger Shot" (ハイ(タイガーショット), Hai (Taigaa Shotto)), which - as its name implies - hits up high. It is executed exactly the same way as Ryu's Hadoken, though the move is easily ducked under due to Sagat's height.
  • The "Low Tiger Shot" (グランドタイガーショット, Gurando Taigaa Shotto) is a version that hits crouching opponents, but can be jumped over much easier. It is also executed similarly to the Hadoken, with the kick button used instead.

The EX Special version introduced in the Street Fighter IV series hits twice for more damage and recovers faster for both high and low versions.


The move is quite spammable and very annoying to foes who lack any projectile-type techniques, part of the reason why Sagat is considered high-tier. The move can be followed with Tiger Uppercut or another Tiger Shot, which greatly adds to Sagat's ground defensive abilities.

Its main usage in the games is for zoning, and for pushing the opponent back into the corner. It can also be used as a very far punish when Sagat is not close enough, and the opponent whiffs a move that has slow recovery. It can also be used to combat and match other projectile users.

In some games, the High Tiger Shot has limited use as an anti-air. Further, the Tiger Shot can be used at high level play at the start of a round to see and analyze how your opponent reacts to them (not necessarily to damage them), from which you can work out their play style (i.e. whether they play offensive/rush-down or defensive/turtle).

In the most recent games, the EX Low Tiger Shot can be used to juggle a falling opponent if timed correctly.


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