The Tragedy Assault (トラジディアサルト Torajidi Asaruto?) is one of Charlie Nash's moves in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V

Arcade Stick S+Arcade Button Punch


Nash performs a horizontal leap and, if unblocked, Nash grabs the opponent by the head, slams them to the ground, shocking the enemy with a bolt of electricity, then Nash tosses them away.


Despite its appearance, Tragedy Assault is not a grab and can be blocked. The move can be used to end combos with damage between that of a Sonic Boom and a Sonic Scythe, while also providing more space, or more time for a set-up if it leaves the opponent cornered. EX Tragedy Assault will restore an amount of Nash's health equal to the damage done to the opponent, taking into account the presence of combo scaling. The normal Tragedy Assault will take Critical Art power away from the opponent and give it to Nash.


  • Tragedy Assault is one of Charlie's abilities in the mobile game Puzzle Fighter. Instead of slamming the enemy to the ground and shocking them, Charlie slashes them and summons a lightning bolt.