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Two P (also stylized as Two.P and Two-P), also known as 2-ILL (also written as 2-Ill and 2-ill), and his partner J are a pair of characters from the original Final Fight game. He reappears in Final Fight: Streetwise as a tentative ally of the heroes.



J and Two P are a pair of punks dressed in baggy pants and jackets. Two P sported a pink mohawk, wore shades, dressed with an orange jacket with a green dragon backprint and blue (dark green in his sprites, gray on his Street Fighter V profile) shirt and trousers. In his Street Fighter V profile he also has blue fingerless gloves.

In Streetwise he wears a green hooded jacket (with a "w00t" symbol, instead of the green dragon on the back), red shades, gray shirt, blue pants and orange and white sneakers. He now sports a brown beard and the hood on his jacket covers up most of his head. Unlike his appearance in Final Fight and his Street Fighter V profile, he is portrayed as African American.

Personality Edit

Two P has a very humorous personality, often telling jokes during his conversations with others. His catchphrase is "Yeah, me too, man!" (あぁ、そいつぁ俺も同じだ!?).[1]


Background Edit

Two P's background is largely unknown. He was discovered lying in the road, shirtless, and was helped by members of the Mad Gear Gang, eventually joining their ranks. Due to whatever happened to him, he has developed memory loss.

Final FightEdit

Two P was part of the original Mad Gear Gang that terrorized Metro City, often appearing alongside J.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fight: StreetwiseEdit

In Final Fight: Streetwise, Two P is still roaming the city streets a free man, although he now calls himself 2-ILL. Vanessa tells Kyle to seek him out for information despite Kyle's protests. She seems to know 2-ILL rather well, even knowing his former identity.

2-ILL would rather forget his days as a thug and instead, make money legitimately. He helps Kyle out repeatedly in the story, though usually for a fee (something Kyle is far from happy about). He sticks his nose too deep into the business behind the drug glow, and as a result, gets targeted by some men to take him out, but with Kyle's help manages to survive the event. Later, Kyle can buy weapons with 2-ILL or hire him to assist in outdoor fights for a limited time.

He later returns the favor when the city becomes overrun by Glow Heads, and rushes to the Barfly to save Vanessa and Kyle. He shoots some, mows down others in the process, but manages to total his car. The three of them fight their way to 2-ILL's hideout and plan their next move. When Kyle decides to go after Father Bella, he asks 2-ILL to come along, but he refuses. Vanessa reams him out, calling him Two P instead during this, and he retort that those days are long over, and this isn't his fight. He does help Kyle by informing him about a shortcut to the church via the sewers that he used back in his days with Mad Gear. He's lived in Metro City since Kyle was a kid, and knows Kyle from back then, too. He has a 1-800 number he can be reached at, though even with all this, his real name is never stated.

Fighting styleEdit

Two P is a straightforward fighter who delivers basic punch attacks. He is one of the weakest members in the Mad Gear Gang, but moves fast and tends to strike when his enemies have their backs turned to him.

In Streetwise he still uses the same fighting stance from his days in Mad Gear when unarmed. However, he uses a pistol mainly in the game and tends to keep away from enemies, punching when they get close.

Trivia Edit

  • Two P's name and design are a tribute to the second player character from the Capcom arcade shooter Forgotten Worlds. Additionally, his backstory references this as well, as the players start out shirtless, and his catchphrase is an exact quote from the ending of the game.
    • According to his Street Fighter V profile, Two P is skilled at handling heavy weapons, referencing the Unknown Soldiers' large guns in Forgotten Worlds.

Gallery Edit


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