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Street Fighter art by Udon.

UDON Entertainment Corporation is a Canadian studio (or "art collective") of Asian-influenced comic book creators which provides creative services to the entertainment industry. It is named after a kind of Japanese noodle. The company is also a publisher of comic books, graphic novels, and art books, as well as English editions of Japanese manga and Korean manhwa titles.

The studio is best known as the publisher of the Street Fighter comic book series. They have also also done artwork for some Capcom games, including Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and others. They also did the endings for Capcom Fighting Jam and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

UDON was licensed by Capcom to produce the official comic book series based on the Street Fighter franchise (launching in September 2003), in addition to Darkstalkers and Rival Schools. This series is based on the established Street Fighter canon, and also occasionally addresses other various continuities and official sources as well.

In 2005, UDON released Street Fighter: Eternal Challenge, the first Capcom series history and art book to be translated into English.

Works Edit

Comics Edit

Street Fighter Edit

Street Fighter follows various storylines set around different series characters. Various writers and artists contributed to each issue working separately on independent short stories that occasionally tied into a main storyline. Some plot points featured in this series include:

  • Ryu trains while taking on Sakura as a pupil.
  • Chun-Li and Guile share the same professional relationship they had in the animated movie, working to stop M. Bison.
  • Charlie seemingly "dies" at the hands of Bison.
  • Cammy works as a member of a British special-forces team while recovering from the amnesia that came as a result of Bison's control over her.

Street Fighter II Edit

After a break of several months, Udon's second Street Fighter story arc began under the title Street Fighter II because the events slowly approach those of the game Street Fighter II. The main story follows Ryu as he searches for Akuma, who has just murdered his master. Ryu wants to avenge his master Gouken, but avoid succumbing to the Dark Hadou – the dark power buried in his style of martial art that Akuma has embraced.

Street Fighter II: Turbo Edit

The second Street Fighter tournament begins in earnest as fighters from all over the world compete to see who is the World's Strongest. This is a continuation of UDON's Street Fighter II series as Ryu finally gets prepared to battle Akuma to so he get revenge on him for taking the life of Gouken.

Street Fighter Legends series Edit

Street Fighter Legends is a series of four issue comic books focusing on the female fighters of the Street Fighter cast.

Street Fighter Legends: Sakura Edit

UDON created an ongoing side-story to the Street Fighter universe, focusing on the life of Sakura and the events that happened since she and Ryu parted ways at the end of Street Fighter #14.

Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li Edit

The second of UDON's Street Fighter Legends series follows Chun-Li as she investigates the mysterious criminal organization Shadaloo as well as her father's disappearance.

Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki Edit

The third Street Fighter Legends series follows Ibuki as she struggles between her life as a ninja and a normal teenager, and also features Makoto and Elena in prominent roles.

Street Fighter Legends: Cammy Edit

The fourth and latest of the Legends seris follows Cammy as she leads the newly formed "Delta Blue" team which includes Abel, Juri, Juni, and Ginzu.[1]

Street Fighter IV Edit

The Street Fighter IV comic currently consists of a four issue miniseries detailing the actions of several fighter's interactions with S.I.N. in leadup to the tournament they host.

Street Fighter Origins: Akuma Edit

As the name suggest, the comic focus on the backstory of Akuma.

Super Street Fighter Edit

UDON's newest Street Fighter comic series is based on the stories of the Street Fighter III games and Super Street Fighter IV. Volume one (Super Street Fighter: New Generations) and volume two are available in comic stores.

Exclusive free Street Fighter comic book Edit

A new exclusive Street Fighter comic book was available for free on free comic book day, May 2nd, 2015. The book features Ryu, Charlie, Guile, Viper and Ibuki, among others.

Street Fighter V Edit

Udon has stated that they have plans for comics tie-in for the upcoming Street Fighter V and that they are working with Capcom in order to have the right amount of synergy with the game's story.[2] The first Street Fighter V-related comic from Udon, Street Fighter V: The Life and Death(s) of Charlie Nash, focus on Charlie's status since his last appearance in Udon's Street Fighter comics, and the details behind his "revival" leading up to his appearance in Street Fighter V. The comic was first available at the San-Diego Comic-Con International 2015, and was originally not available in stores[3] but it was later released as a one-shot comic in March 2016.[4] A limited edition Street Fighter V comic book, titled Street Fighter V #1, was scheduled for "Free Comic Book Day" in 2016. The one-shot special features three all-new stories focused on the new and returning cast of the game.[5]

Street Fighter Unlimited Edit

Unlimited is a new monthly Street Fighter comic series that will be print and digital. The first issue arrived on December 2015, and the series continues monthly through 2016.[6]

Chronological reading order (Hardcovers) Edit

  • Street Fighter Origins: Akuma (side story)
  • Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li (side story)
  • Street Fighter Classic Vol.1 (main story)
  • Street Fighter Classic Vol.2 (main story)
  • Street Fighter Legends: Sakura (side story)
  • Street Fighter Classic Vol.3 (main story)
  • Street Fighter IV (main story)
  • Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki (side story)
  • Super Street Fighter Vol.1 (main story)
  • Super Street Fighter Vol.2 (main story)


Artbooks Edit

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  • Street Fighter Tribute
  • Street Fighter: Art Comic Anthology (Japan only)

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