"Away with you! Ultimate...Psycho...Crusher! (消えうせろ! アルティメット、サイコ、クラッシャー! Kie Usero! Arutimetto, Saiko, Kurasshā!?)"
M. Bison
Ultimate Psycho Crusher

M.Bison Nash with the Ultimate Psycho Crusher.

Ultimate Psycho Crusher (アルティメットサイコクラッシャー Arutimetto Saiko Kurasshaa?) is M. Bison's Critical Art in Street Fighter V.[1]


Visually it is similar (but mechanically slightly different) to the Final Psycho Crusher.

Unlike most of M. Bison's moves, the Ultimate Psycho Crusher does not require charging. When the move is executed, M. Bison releases a large barrier of Psycho Power around him. Anyone hit within the blast is knocked into the air, where M. Bison charges a massive sphere of Psycho Power before charging with both hands, performing his signature attack and blasting his opponent into the wall, ending with him laughing evilly.

Due to the lack of required charge, the Ultimate Psycho Crusher has great potential as a combo finisher, if timed properly.

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It is possible to use this after the first hit of a Double Knee Press or to respond to the opponent jumping towards the player, making them essentially walk or jump into it. In order to do full damage from it, all five hits from the Psycho Power barrier must connect.

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